Local Business Services

Local Business Services

Development Services

The Development Services Department strives to provide the public with support and information to build and maintain an attractive city in which to live, work, and play.

Sites & Buildings

Let the Brenham Economic Development Foundation help you find available commercial real estate in Brenham and Washington County to locate your business.

Small Business Assistance

Brenham has all of the right resources to start and grow your business.

Incentives & Financing 

Brenham offers a number of incentive and financing programs to help pave the way for you to establish and grow your business here. 

Workforce Training

A skilled, experienced workforce is already at your fingertips in Brenham. Take advantage of our workforce training programs to custom build your greatest asset - your employees. 


Brenham has the infrastructure in place to help get your business started.


Brenham has a lower tax burden than the major metropolitan areas in Texas, which means that your business can keep more of its profits.


The Brenham Economic Development Foundation can provide you with the data that you need to help make your business decisions.  

Invest in BEDF

By investing in the Brenham Economic Development Foundation, you are helping to make Brenham and Washington County a prosperous, thriving business community that creates jobs, opportunities and tax revenues that enriches the lives of area citizens. 

Initiate a Project

Contact us to get started on expanding or relocating your business in Brenham.